4-Hour Body

So, it’s after the first of the  year. I read an incredible book. It’s time to get healthy (how many times do we say that?). If you are interested, check it out.

This page is completely dedicated to my trek into a lifestyle change. Eating healthy. Doing things right. I’ll also be posting pictures up on Flickr to track the food I eat. I hope to give regular updates as things go. I will be starting first thing in the morning on January 16, 2012.

“Measurement=motivation.” — Tim Ferriss

Day 1: It’s officially started. I didn’t have the capabilities to do it “right,” but it’s starting. The day is supposed to start with a weigh-in and body measurements. I do not have a scale or tape, but will do that tonight. My first meal can be viewed here. I am pretty excited about this. I weighed in around 11:00pm…starting weight is 214.6lbs. Time to shed it!

Day 2: Day 1 is officially in the books. Things are looking good. Feeling good — I know, it’s only been one day. My breakfast this morning was essentially what I ate for dinner last night. I really am a fan of scrambled egg whites with one whole egg, green peppers, onions, and spinach. I season it with garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper. This morning, I used ghee (clarified butter) to cook my eggs and onions/peppers in…good stuff! Lunch is probably the toughest meal of the day to eat. Since I get meals in the cafeteria, I am restricted to what they have (especially since I need to save money). So, eating salads with dry grilled chicken will get old. I’ll need to start sprucing it up with salsa and/or hot sauce. I may have to get a Coke Zero or something to mix it up also (I am allowed 16oz. of diet a day). I’d rather not drink pop…trying to quit.

Day 3: Shedding the pounds! Three down. It’ll increase once I start the exercise routine — it’ll probably be next week due to the extreme soreness I have from playing indoor on Sunday. Last night I had my first taste of deliciousness…so I had it this morning. Turkey bacon. It’s excellent. It’s only 35 calories too. This morning, I didn’t use the mild salsa on my eggs, instead, I went for Thai chili sauce (sriracha sauce)…nice stuff! Last night, I went out to eat with Kellie and a relative, I managed to not eat even though Kellie’s French onion soup smelled great and my cousin’s BBQ ribs looked amazing. Only a water for me.

Day 4: Another good day. Probably not the best choice for lunch (red bell peppers topped with almond butter) but I didn’t go off the deep end. I had a hankering for those, but they aren’t anything spectacular — definitely not as good as green peppers topped with peanut butter. But, I did come across another good recipe…faux-mashed potatoes. Basically, fried up some cauliflower, added some salt, pepper, and garlic salt. After it started browning, I put it in my Magic Bullet and it’s all done! They tasted real good! I put some lentils and a pork chop with the faux-tatoes and enjoyed a real good dinner. I’ll definitely have some faux-tatoes again. The pork chops have been real good the last two nights. Toward the end of the night, I’ll be doing another measurement to see if I’m losing some girth. Pounds are down again!

Day 5: I moved my “cheat day” up one day. Doing it on Friday because I have a dinner to go to tonight. It may stay on Friday, we’ll see. Saturdays seem like a better day especially if I am recruiting. Breakfast was basically a regular breakfast for me, two hardboiled eggs topped with sriracha sauce washed down with 1.5 liters of water. I think I am done with hardboiled eggs, just not a fan. My first non-4HB thing was a glazed doughnut at a staff/department gathering. I am not going to go all wild on this “cheat day” since it is my first one on the 4HB. I’ll enjoy some nicer things like bread or pasta. For dinner, I know we’ll be having some chili, so that’s not too awful bad for me either. I’ll get back in the 4HB routine tomorrow…home all day by myself. Should be fine! The plus side of things…every morning I have been down in weight from the previous morning!

Day 6: Back in my 4HB routine. Yesterday’s cheating didn’t hurt much, only gained one pound. It was good to have some foods that I really enjoy, but honestly, it didn’t really satisfy anything. I have really enjoyed what I’ve been eating with the 4HB “diet.” A couple more days and I’ll be introducing the exercise into this plan. Still need to eat more legumes.

Day 7: Been good at getting legumes in the diet the last few meals, it seems. I did get my first dessert in (not on a cheat day)…sugar-free peach jell-o! It tasted so good! I’ll be including it more in the plan. I think we have some white chicken chili planned for dinner tonight. Things are going good, still dropping weight each morning! Bummed…no white chili tonight, takes too long to cook. We had a lot going on and couldn’t make time for it. Hopefully we’ll get it in this week sometime though. Time to start WEEK 2 in the morning!

Day 11: I love waking up and seeing the scale saying I dropped weight! I am down 7 pounds! Things are going real good. I got one day of exercise in, will get another in tonight and hopefully another one tomorrow. I think I’ll do a cheat day tomorrow, only thing I think I am hankering is ice cream. I don’t eat much ice cream in the first place, but it sounds real good. Thrilled with how this is going. It’s not a struggle eating the same foods over and over again. I enjoy eggs. I’ll need to continue getting legumes in my meals. Eating any meat is a positive. This is real good stuff!

Day 15: Well, great start to the morning…down 10 pounds in 15 days! This includes gaining weight only one time — on my second cheat day. There have been a couple of times where I have held to the same weight from day to day, but only once of gaining! I found a couple of good recipes that I’ll be trying in the near future. I definitely like one I have been doing since Saturday, bacon wrapped eggs. I’ve had them for three meals in two days. I finally got some lentils in my supper tonight. Need to continue that. I had a Coke Zero today…and will be having a Diet Dr. Pepper tonight. That’s a little too much diet pop in one day, but I need it right now. I am still drained from a busy weekend. I should do fine this week, some workouts and a full week without a cheat day — it’ll be on Saturday when I have to go to Cincy for recruiting.

Day 16: I found an excellent website and made an excellent stew! Try it out, it’s a must-have!

Day 19: Down 12 pounds! Things are going good. Sunday will definitely be a test to not gain THAT much weight on. I moved my cheat day from Saturday to Sunday. It’s better to just adjust instead of trying to battle the cravings that Super Bowl Sunday will bring. A new recipe tonight…I’ll let you know!

Day 23: Still a staple in my meals:


Day 26: Flirting with 200! I am just shy of reaching losing 14 pounds…It will be great to get down under 200. I haven’t been this light since 2007. Getting close! Unfortunately, it’ll probably come next week. Or it could come on cheat day morning (tomorrow morning). Feeling good! Woohoo!

Day 27: I reached 200! That means…14 pounds lost in less than 4 weeks! Woohoo! This is exciting. To celebrate…cheat day on a road trip to Detroit! Be sure to check out my food joints to see what I tackle today. It’s going to be great! Here’s how it has looked over the past 27 days.


Weight Loss Chart

 Day 28: I had a real good cheat day in Detroit. I got to cross off a couple more food joints I like to venture to. Out of the 3 or 4 lists I have, I have been to 31 food places. Some have been listed on more than one list, so, I have really only been to 27 places (I didn’t count one because it’s not on my lists but has been featured on a show before). It’s been fun going to these places as I travel. But, the main thing is…I am back at the 4HB. I totaled up my weight loss throughout the 27 days…21.8 pounds total! That includes the weight gains and such. So, 14 pounds down from the starting weight AND 21.8 pounds total (that’s cumulative throughout the whole process) through the course of working on being healthy! Woohoo!

Day 31: I have decided that I am done posting pics up on my Flickr account. I think I got a good grasp on what I am eating. I don’t need to “monitor” it anymore with the pics. It helped, no doubt about it. But it’s become a big hassle anymore. I have some travel days. I am here and there. I just don’t want to do it anymore. If food becomes a problem, then I’ll start using it again. It’ll be a good resource. Things are going good. Enjoying it still. 15 pounds down this morning. First time I’ve been under 200 in quite some time (as noted above). I do have a couple busy weekends coming up, so it will be interesting to see how it goes with the travel. I’ll be fine…I know it.

Day 40: I can’t believe I made it this long! It’s been great! To celebrate day 40, I pigged out BIG TIME. It was my built-in cheat day. I was in Cleveland…so I enjoyed Cleveland foods! I knocked out three more food joints. Delicious foods! In 40 days, I am down 18.4 pounds! It’s exciting. I have some catching up to do after today…I know it. But it was so worth it!

Day 48: Well, I meant to get this the other day when I was 20 pounds down…a day or so late…and 21 pounds down! I celebrated yet again with some food endeavors in Cincinnati. Boy were they great! I feel like I have plateaued a bit. I need to change some things up. Mainly my [lack of] workout routine. I’d like to do more working out. I also need to get more strict on my breakfast. I haven’t been as timely with it or my water intake. It’ll be alright. Things are still going good with it. No complaints. But…man, I am going to pay on the scales in the AM for this cheat day!

Day 53: Down 24 pounds! I stepped on the scale and saw 190 for the first time in SEVERAL years. The unfortunate thing is I am a bit under the weather. I indulged a little more on dinner because of that. I wanted to get some orange juice in me. I also ate some bread and chips. I will still do my cheat day on Saturday, so this indulgence will probably hurt me in my weighing in a few hours (it’s almost 2:00am). I couldn’t sleep…

Day 60: Still down 24 pounds. I am at 190.6lbs. It feels good. This is the second lowest weight I’ve been in the last 4-5 years (or so). Last Friday I got down below 190, and I anticipate I’ll be there again on Friday. Same ol’, same ol’ going on here. Still feel a bit of a “plateau” is going on. I plan on doing some things different…sometime. I have some cinnamon pills I need to start taking. I NEED to exercise more. But, all in all, things are swell. I still enjoy the foods. I still enjoy eating healthier. I still enjoy cheat days, although the only things I really look forward to those days is pasta, bread, and an occasional ice cream or doughnut. I don’t go “crazy,” like I thought I would do. I enjoy them (the cheat days), most of the time it is eating out — which is encouraged. One of these days the plateau will be no more. But, no complaints with the success so far!

Day 70: Bummer of a week — sort of. I had a great time traveling to Lexington to see one of my best friends’ (and one of my wife’s best friends’) baby boy. I got to see the in-laws…finally. I got to catch up with some great friends. Then I traveled to Columbus to recruit and hang out with my best friend. I got to “Be Massive” at the Crew game (2-0 win for their home opener!). Then as we headed back home, got to catch up with some more friends we haven’t seen in a while. But…with the play hard…there is a fall hard. On Thursday, I woke up with a 186.4 on the scale. That was the best ever on 4HB. Then…it was all downhill from there. This morning, I woke up and was 6 pounds heavier from when I started traveling. I didn’t hold strict to ANYTHING on 4HB since Thursday. It was definitely a “cheat week.” Time to get back on the strictness. It should be alright though…should be able to drop the 6ish pounds I put on. Here’s to a good 4HB week!

Day 100: Well, I reached the century mark. I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I’ve gave an update. Not much changes in terms of weight. I started off this “change” at 214.6 and weighed in today at 190.4. That’s a total loss of 24.2 pounds in 100 days. While I am a bit disappointed I haven’t lost much weight in the last 30 days, it’s my own fault. I have done very little exercise. I have had “cheat meals” quite regularly. But, I also haven’t been trying to do much other than sustaining through this time. I have made it a point to start each week at the same weight — which usually was around 189-190. I would drop a few pounds through the week, gain it back on the weekend during my cheat day and then lose it again. So, I have maintained my weight I had lost when I was doing the 4HB diet really strictly. Where do I go from here? Well, the good thing is, I am going to shoot for another 10ish pounds. I put an order in at Amazon.com on Sunday. I am going to do some exercising and ab workouts. I am also going to be more strict with the diet. It is almost May, so I intend on losing another 10 pounds by Memorial Day. My order from Amazon.com included: cinnamon, Schizandra berry tea and extract, a 50-pound kettlebell, a BOSU ball, a stretch exercise band, and some yerba mate tea. Hopefully with these additions, I can tone up a little more and drop some other unwanted weight. So…hopefully everything comes in shortly and I can get started back in a strict plan.

At the start, I did six measurements to see where I’d be losing inches. Those six are: right and left arm, right and left leg, hips, and waist. The positive thing is I have reduced the size in every place. The bummer is losing some size off the arms, but hopefully I can pick that up once I start working out. I lost 5 inches on my waist and 1.25 inches off my hips. I may need to get new dress pants! But, so far, so good. I just need to get back on it strict to do some toning. Here’s how the chart looks today.

After 100 days

Century Mark


Day 204: Well, it’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I’ve done anything with the 4HB. After a busy summer…it’s time to get back in it. I have put 10 pounds or so back on, unfortunately. So, here goes…time to get healthy again. I should be alright in timing of this. It appears that I don’t have nearly as much going on these next few months — outside of the soccer season. I definitely don’t have as much travel. So…starting back up, weight is 201.4. Time to shed some poundage!



  1. I thought you already gave up sodas?

  2. I did. A little diet pop is allowed in the 4HB, but I am going to try to stay away. It’s hard to stay away from a Diet Dr. Pepper though!

  3. Jess

    Sounds awesome Brandon! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Alana

    Congrats dude! We had a rough weekend of traveling and being busy so we’ve got to refocus this week. You should be really proud if your great accomplishments!

  5. LeeAnn Day

    wow!! this is great that you are taking this weight loss thing on. I need to start as well. The doc said I need to lose 15 pounds. Eating well and exersizing has been very hard for me since I work full time, school and run kids full time. I hope once the weather breaks I can get out more. Great Job!! Keep it up!!

    • Thanks LeeAnn! Well, the most important thing…the diet! It’s important to put the good in our bodies while leaving all the bad out. That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s basically a “lifestyle change.” No more crap food for me — only on my cheat days!

  6. Proud of you man for sticking with it this long! The chart looks good!

    • Thanks Coach! I appreciate it. And unfortunately…I am going through another bout of trying to kick the pop drinking. I got really into drinking Diet Dr. Pepper! But, I am going strong with 10+ days without any pop. The caffeine was a killer on me. No more!

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