Insane In Da Brain

I tweeted earlier today about headaches — whoever is curing them…sucks at their job.

It’s the truth too.

I had the worst headache of 2013 today. I woke up with it. And…it didn’t go away until nearly 8pm. I bet I had it for almost 12 hours. What’s a guy supposed to do with such debilitating pain?

This is a recurring thing for me too. I have suffered from major headaches for MANY years. I used to take some prescription medication, these pills were as tiny as they could be and I had to cut them in half. Prescriptions suck. I’ve gotten my CAT scanned. I’ve probably had an MRI. I don’t remember what all I’ve been through to try to find something to fix these. I went to an iridologist…he gave me a herb to take. I am still taking it when I can. It’s another daily pill.

It just sucks to be completely dependent on medication. I pop pain killers like candy — it seems — when I have the headaches. It seems like I have to up my dosage ALL THE TIME. It feels terrible taking so many pills every time I get a headache. No other time do I really take any sort of medication.

In the last few years, I have put an emphasis on external “remedies” for my headaches. On top of some tei fu (read: all-natural Icy Hot) lotion that I rub on my forehead, I have two packs, a hot and a cold. Sometimes I use both cold. Sometimes I use one hot. Sometimes I use one cold. Sometimes I use a hot and a cold. I also have started taking hot showers and mixing it up with cold showers.

Nothing works perfectly. Which sucks. I have even taken to drinking caffeine when I have a headache — this dependency is awful. I’ve tried changing pillows and different ways of sleeping too. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. If I don’t wake up with one, I’ll get one through the day.

I wish someone would cure these things. Like my grandma has always said, sometimes it would just feel all better if I could remove an eye and set it aside. It’s that painful in the head and eye region that it would seem that everything would be all better that way.

Please, please, please…someone find a cure for these things. Make them go away. For my sanity…I need to quit having them. These debilitating headaches occur multiple times a week. If not then, then I probably get major ones twice a month. It’s regular.

And, since I slept all day long…I am up at 3:00am writing this. BLAH!



  1. how is the energy in your home or the people you are around?

    • I don’t think that has anything to do with it. But, if I were to guess, our energy is fine.

      I’ve been struggling with headaches for 20ish years. The one “trigger” I’ve found is caffeine. So, for 10ish years, I refrained from drinking caffeine. A drink of Pepsi, Coke, or any caffeinated drink would give me a crippling migraine 2 days later. Doctors said that I’d grow out of that.

      Can’t say that I have or haven’t. I just know that caffeine helps the headaches at times.

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