I’ve written about this before…just never compared it to any other league. Here it is…proof from another league!


Nick Kosar is back with his second Footiebusiness guest post.  Nick is a strategic marketing executive who was managing editor of Far East Traveler magazine in Tokyo before returning to the States to follow the newly inaugurated Major League Soccer. He’s still trying to figure out which J. League team to root for. Follow Nick on Twitter: @nakosar.  Nick’s firsts post can be found here.

Nick takes a long look at the soccer model in Japan and applies it to the States.  Now I am (repeatedly) on the record stating that pro/rel will never happen in the US, but Nick takes a good look at the success of that model in Japan along with an array of other initiates that have worked in the Land of the Rising Sun.  There are some parallels between US and Japan that are worth close examination.  Thanks again to Nick.

In the sporting…

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