The Almighty Dollar, part 3

More baffling news came out this week…

John L. Smith is trying to wipe away $25.7 million in debt in bankruptcy court and hang onto $1.2 million in retirement accounts and some personal property, all while he leads the Razorbacks through one of the strangest seasons in team history.

How in the world does this happen?!

Not only this instance, but it just was announced of an NFL quarterback who’s been out of the league for almost a month and a half now…

Young’s tweet said he’s working to rectify “unfortunate” losses stemming from “betrayal by those I trusted most.”

It is sooooo easy to blame someone else. I do understand that these guys are hounded constantly by money, but still?! How does this happen?!

These two just join a long list of celebrities and athletes.

This just shows that “the almighty dollar” wins once again (part 1 & part 2). When is “common sense” going to win? When are these celebrities and athletes going to learn from the mistakes of others? You are allowed to do that. Survival of the fittest, I guess. These people just must not be the fittest.

It would be nice if some responsible and honest people received some cash like these guys have. I imagine that there could be a lot of good things done with the money in the right hands. Of course, I’m saying that and never have made over $11,000 in one year. Money changes things right? Does it have to?

Why does it have to be all about money and who can make the most? It’d sure be nice if more businesses felt the same way. Recently, we (the wifey and I) had a date to a Greek restaurant — AMAZING food! Looking over the menu I was flabbergasted. For a gyro, it was $4.50! Great price! You go get a crappy gyro from a mall “Greek” restaurant and it’s probably no less than $6.00-6.50. We’ll be going back to this restaurant, numerous times…

The new iPhone from Apple…is it really worth $200-400 — or whatever they actually cost to buy? What do carriers charge you to buy them without a contract…$650-850! WOW! Why on earth is a stupid cell phone being bought for that much? I admit it, I was guilty one time and bought the first-generation iPhone. And, never again will I buy one. But, I did a cost breakdown of everything and it was cheaper for me to buy the iPhone than it would’ve been on other phones with the data package I had and everything else involved. These phones are throw-away items. In 6 months, they’ll be irrelevant. There’s always something better.

This going broke business stops with recognizing that money is better spent elsewhere. No need on buying numerous houses and cars. No need for them! No need on buying all this luxury when it’ll become obsolete in less than a year. Once you start chasing this luxury, you’ll lose. Something else is always better and you’ll have to chase it.

How is that not hard for these people to understand? I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I’ve bought a pair of jeans, or a shirt, or a pair of shoes just because. I bought my last pair of shoes this summer, sometime. Before that, I had the same pair of shoes for 6 years. I haven’t bought jeans in around the same time. I don’t buy shirts, the only time I go and get shirts is when I may need a new dress shirt or two. I do have a weak spot for jerseys though…I wear them and I decorate with them, numerous uses for them.

It’s time to live a little more simpler. Enjoy life without spending money. Have fun without going broke. It is possible. Make smart decisions. Don’t blame others because you don’t know how to control yourself and your money.

It’s not all about “the almighty dollar.” I bet if you were to ask John L. Smith or Vince Young, they’d trade all their money (if they had any) to not be bankrupt. I bet they would do MANY things different. I hope they would choose [more] simple living. I hope they’d be happy with their paychecks instead of trying to accumulate more and more wealth. I hope they’d help more people. I hope they’d ensure their families are happy. I bet they’d like to go…

When life was simple as that
I didn’t know I’d miss it so bad
When this whole world had way less worries, nobody in a hurry and back
To mama’s home cookin’ and dad
Was baitin’ my hook and I’m sitting on a tailgate,
Thinking ’bout those days just
Wish I was


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