“Every Little Thing Is Understood”

It’s been so long! This has been an extremely busy summer — camp after camp after camp. Travel, travel and more travel.

But in that travel I finally got to purchase “Uncaged” the new album by Zac Brown Band.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase it, DO IT! And while you are at it, purchase EVERY album ZBB has out. I honestly think the Zac Brown Band is the best group in all of music right now. Their sound, their lyrics, their style is unmatched. I have yet to hear a bad song. I have some that aren’t my favorites, but there’s none that make you say, “what were these guys thinking?”

I believe “Uncaged” is an album that shows how good this band has gotten. Heck, the first single off the album, “The Wind,” isn’t even the best song on the album — in my opinion.

At first, it was “Chicken Fried.”

Then it went to “Colder Weather.”

Now, I cannot decide on which song is my favorite. Above all that, his voice just continues to show incredible range and talent. What’s even better…is he is a REAL artist. He writes. He plays. He entertains.

How can anyone be against what he does? You need to listen to “Goodbye In Her Eyes,” “Sweet Annie,” or “Lance’s Song” off this new album.

Weighing in on all of this, I got to celebrate my 2-year anniversary with my wife on July 17. I can always see her walking down the aisle to me…

“She got whatever it is, it blows me away” — Zac Brown Band



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