Temples, Shrines, Synagogues, Tabernacles, etc.

I recently came across some wonderful news regarding a Christian denomination’s choice in a “place of worship.”

In Cape Coral, Florida, the Cape Christian Fellowship has scrapped a plan on building a state-of-the-art worship building to beautify the area and impact MORE people by building a 100,000 square foot park! No public funding involved either!


This is simply amazing! Instead of building this grandiose, gaudy, structure that very few people will step foot in — outside of the congregation, this park will be able to be utilized by many people. The park will cost around $1 million — which is much less than many “churches” spend on their worship centers. They scrapped plans on building a $15 million “church” building!

This park will be amazing…

Open to the public, Fellowship Park will include the city’s first amphitheater, a splash pad, four children’s playgrounds, sports and multi-purpose fields, common areas, zip line, jogging trail, pavilion and cafe. It will be funded, built and maintained by the church.

Why aren’t more “churches” doing this? Probably because they have it all wrong. They choose to glorify themselves by building bigger buildings for those that are “in” with the specific denominations/religions.

Kudos to Cape Christian! I wish more would be like you…or be missional communities (my preference).

Or, you could spend around $24 million in “duping” people.

Imagine if all denominations/religions did something like Cape Christian? Think of how much better our country and world would [and should] be.

Given the growth of our congregation, consultants recommend we build a high-tech, multi-million dollar worship center. However, by building a park for the community, we are demonstrating that the needs outside the walls of our church are just as important as the needs inside. We are a church that exists for our city.

There may be some hope for organized religion…slim chance.

“The best of all is, God is with us.” – John Wesley


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