The Disappearing Male

I suggest everyone watch this video. I want to thank Tim Ferriss for putting this in his book, The 4 Hour Body. I wish more media outlets and government officials tackled these problems. Heck, I wish Tim would’ve put this video/link more “in your face” so it’s easier for people to see and know about.

If you are a child, take care of your body. You have no idea how things will affect you in the future. You have no idea how things will affect your kids. Something you put in your body now could essentially caused problems giving birth or even the ability to reproduce. If you are a parent or aspiring parent, be careful with what your kids play with and use. There’s so many harmful things out there that we have no idea about.

It’d almost be nicer if we could go back and be “hunters and gatherers.” This stuff makes me want to NEVER drink out of a plastic bottle or eat packaged foods…ever…again.

It’s sad. But there are positives, there are some things that are being done. In the video, it shows there are advocates in DC (thanks John Kerry!). It also shows how big of a joke the FDA is…no surprise to me though.

The video does contain nudity — babies and a female giving birth. So, please know that before watching.

I have linked the video here. I apologize for not including it here, I don’t have the capabilities since this is a free blog. You can download the video on the left-pane. I did. The video is 44ish minutes long. But it is worth it.

It’s a shame that this video didn’t get more publicity. It is very well done. The research and experts are top notch.

Take care of your body. You are only given one. What you do to your body can also affect your kids…your kids’ kids…and so forth.

Pass it on, as well. This stuff is worth being a social activist.


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