Keep On Keepin’ On

For some reason, I continue to get flustered with the way things are operated.

I guess this would be considered another rant.


Why do we give so much time off in the summer? It makes no sense. Why must we go on an August to May/June schedule? Why not go year-round and give breaks throughout the year? There are so many areas in the country that would benefit from this schedule…ALL OF IT! Yes, some areas would have to really consider making some changes due to the lack of air conditioning in the school buildings. But man, it makes so much sense…in all levels. I know some places have gone to a 4-day school week, which is not awful…but it makes no sense to do that and then give off the whole summer.

Why do colleges have to follow the same structure? With the rising cost of higher education, why not go through the summer and cut a year-plus off of the tuition fees. Oh yeah, because then the colleges would be out of money. The colleges wouldn’t be sitting empty over the course of the summer, rotting. But, it does give institutions an opportunity to do some major renovations to the dorms and such, so that is one plus. But there are always ways to arrange that if the calendar switched. But, colleges struggle more than just that…they fail on several instances (read: here and here). Colleges need to do better preparing for people to enter the workforce. I’ll probably write one this week about my MBA program – one was written earlier.

Why do we have to have primary and secondary school go 7-8-9 hours in the classroom? Why can’t it be scheduled differently? It’s so exhausting on teachers. It’s so exhausting on students. Wonder why there’s a burn-out? At the same time, we limit a lot of what the kids can learn due to NCLB and basing everything off of age. Why not increase the amount of days and possibly go shorter days? Or just make it so the teachers and administrators can actually discipline kids so the school day can be manageable! With the current structure, teachers are completely walked over and treated terribly. They need more respect and more power to handle the classrooms. We spend almost 100 more hours per year in the classroom than Taiwanese students.

Standardized tests…lousy. We have so many standardized tests and rankings and garbage. Teachers have to teach to standardized tests instead of actually teaching what is relevant. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. It seems that there has become a large gap in the education levels from student-to-student. Couple these standardized test problems with the NCLB debate.

Spending! We spend SO much per student and do not get its worth out of it. We spend over $11,000 per student! That’s a lot…and not much in return. Limit school days, and you don’t have AS much spending. Why must we bus students? Can’t we just allow students to get to school on their own (whether family, friends, or walking/biking)? There are some districts in the US that have no busing for their students…makes sense. No money spent on buses. No bus drivers. No gas. Big savings there! Some schools have to cut teachers but bus a few students to the school? Does that make sense…we want to educate them, so we get rid of teachers (that educate) in order to get kids to the school?

Why not make school uniforms or strict school dress codes? I still think it is essential. I touched on it earlier, as well.

Things won’t change. “That’s the way it’s always been done.” Might as well “keep on keepin’ on.”


I have covered this numerous times, most recently here. But after watching some games this weekend again…man, things need to change. Develop kids. Quit focusing on winning as the most important thing. These kids need to learn how to play so they can actually be utilized and enjoy the sport much more and longer.

The individual state athletic associations, NFHS, and NCAA really need to change. Quit doing things “the way it’s always been done.” It makes no sense.


Why do we have so many officials making so much money but not doing much of anything? If you didn’t know, I am sort of an anti-establishmentarian. Less control. Fewer people governing. Small government.

Then I read articles like this. How in the world do these people not pay their taxes? It baffles me! I know the minute I fudge or make a mistake on my taxes I’ll get the IRS down my throat. It’s just my luck. Oh, man they would rake me over the coals over the $11,000 we made last year and missing a dollar or two in taxes. They even have the names of these people! I am sure there will be a lot done about that…just like there NEVER is.

Why do we continue to lose money on money?! It costs 2.4 cents to make a penny worth 1 cent?! WHAT?! It costs 11.2 cents to make a nickel worth 5 cents?! REALLY?! I know I am only almost a year into my MBA…but that is not good business! You are losing over double what each is worth! Might as well “keep on keepin’ on.” Idiocy. We lost possibly over $100 million on each coin! Oh…but Canada has started to make cheaper currency that actually lasts longer. Might as well continue making things the way we do, because “that’s the way we always did it.”

I know I’ll catch some flack on this…but I don’t vote. I don’t vote for a reason. I am exercising my right to vote by not voting — which is a vote. I don’t believe in voting for “the best of the worst.” I don’t vote because I have yet to find ANY federal politicians that are worth it. I don’t vote on state officials because I have yet to find ANY state officials that are worth it. I do sometimes vote on local politicians if I know them and know they will be worthwhile.


Why can’t we have televisions in all cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans now? As far as we’ve come in technology…this should happen. It really shouldn’t be “optional.” Just do it. It shouldn’t cost that much. Why aren’t there more cars coming out with computers in them? Or equipped with Pandora? Or having adapters for USB? Makes no sense.

Why must we continue to have places in the US that don’t have cell phone coverage? The technology we have should allow us to have ZERO completely dead areas of cell phone service. Why didn’t the telephone companies get into the wireless business? Makes sense doesn’t it? They’ve already covered the entire country with wires connecting telephones. Just take over the wireless business and charge WAY less than all these other cellphone providers do. It’s outrageous to pay $100 for a cellphone plan…but that’s what we have to have if we want any sort of good service.

Why can’t there be better wireless connectivity in the country? Toronto can have a city-wide WiFi plan. Oh, we can’t do it in America because someone has to make a buck off of it. If America wants to be relevant, we have to have more people connected to the internet and using it for their good. It’s so beneficial. It helps educate. It helps money-flow.

Okay…I think I have rambled long enough…there will be more, again. Sometime. It just sucks, ya know. To see this country go down the drain and there are very few (if any) people in power doing anything about it. I would love to be able to change some of this stuff. I just wish I had the ability beyond just writing about frustrations. I have written some letters. I have talked to some people. People just don’t like change. People can’t adjust to change. People just want to “keep on keepin’ on.”



  1. Alana

    I feel like it’s even worse for special education teachers. The kids leave for the summer and all the progress made during the year goes right out the window because their skills haven’t been practiced all summer. For those students deemed able to take the OAA’s, the test is still usually above their reading level (but of course the teacher’s evaluations are based of their scores anyway!) For those few that fall under Alternate Assessments, it’s still more of a test of the teacher’s writing skills and not actual student achievement. It’s a broken system for sure.

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