New Soccer Rumor

Not really. Just one I just started…and hope happens.

Everyone “bags” on the MLS for getting all of these internationals to come to the States to play. Every other league does it. I have no problems with it. I hope they don’t jeopardize our domestic talent in order to do it though. I don’t see that happening either.

There’s always rumors about players coming to the MLS. I want a petition for a specific player.

He’s probably not in the “super-stardom” that Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Kasey Keller (even though he is American), Rafa Marquez, Robbie Keane, and Blanco (when he was with Fire). There’s been so many nice players. Of course, people want to say, “they only come to the MLS when they are over the hill…” Whatever. I don’t care. It’s no sense in arguing that.

So. Here’s the petition.

No doubt about it…Craig Bellamy would be a GREAT addition to the MLS. I have said it for years. It needs to happen. He’s not “over the hill.” He’s 32. He’s a goal scorer. He’s intense. He’s a better snarling dog than Gattuso.

He’d add a fire to the MLS that is somewhat lacking.

I can only imagine how the Timbers Army would react to having Bellamy on their side! What about Barra Brava?! Man, oh man, can you see Sons of Ben rooting for this guy? I would definitely like to see him at Columbus with the Hudson Street Hooligans rooting for him! The Emerald City Supporters would go absolutely bonkers!

Don’t tell me this snarl wouldn’t be good for the MLS…


I absolutely despise City (good thing he plays for Liverpool now, which isn’t much better)…but this guy would drive visitors nuts!

Look at the intensity he’d bring.

There is nothing bad that can happen with this move. Nothing. No one could compete with him. He’d instantly take the League by storm! His jersey would be top seller. I’d be the first in line.

Why not? Why not Craig? Please? What will it take? Just do it Craig!

You cannot make me do it Craig…don’t tell me that…


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