Changing US soccer

This has bothered me (and several others I have talked to) for a long time.

We need some changes in the US in order to become more “serious” about soccer. This is easier than changing the structure. It’s about rebranding.

Look at our crest:


That is a laugher.

Let’s take a gander at other crests:



I don’t feel I need to put any more up there. Look how clean those are! Look how simple…but so intricate. Look at the history! Now ours…we have WordArt or Paint to create a crest.

Heck, this is better than what we have (minus the Nike swoosh):

 That crazy “flying soccer ball” is so juvenile. It’s terrible design. And guess what, because USSF used WordArt and/or Paint to design the crest…someone else followed suit:


 How pitiful do we look as a country that is trying to grow and promote soccer?

Here’s a few other international league logos:


Oui oui

Doesn’t look like any crappy WordArt/Paint there does it?

The rest of the world won’t be taking US soccer seriously as long as we continue making ourselves look like a joke. Heck, Nike can’t even give us a national team kit to be proud of continuously. Can’t someone give us something that will be long lasting? Stripes, then no stripes. Sash, then no sash. Stars, then no stars. Red, then no red. Gimme the RED ALL OVER! That’s my personal preference for a third kit. Bring back “Don’t Tread On Me.” This “Indivisible” crap is terrible — unless they knew we were going to miss the Olympics and cause a big stink over the “state of US soccer.”

When you think of Mexico soccer, they use a green kit. Italy is always blue. Brazil is always yellow. The Netherlands always has orange. Croatia has red/white checkered looks. Argentina always has their baby blues. And the US has…ever changing kits.

BLAH! That’s what I have to say about that. Give us something to be proud of USSF and Nike! Heck, the MLS has finally started getting nice looking kits with adidas for their clubs — others still need some changes, but it’s heading in the right direction.

Many places, companies, schools, clubs, and people (Prince!) rebrand. I think it’s time for USSF to do that. I think it’s time for Nike to give us something to be proud to wear — FOR GOOD. I think it’s time for MLS to actually get more serious with the league’s look (maybe a new logo would keep every team from using football-lined fields for good?).

Don’t Tread On Me.

Don't Tread On Me



  1. I think you are absolutely right. Everytime I think of our team names in the league I frown. I mean, the L.A. Galaxy, the New York Red Bulls, Kansas City Wizards. The names should reflect history, or the city more, be more traditional, such as Los Angelos Football Club, New York Football Club, Portland Football Club, and so on…. We make these fake names like the NFL has, and name our stadiums after commpanies. I understand the MLS is young and we need companies to invest and build stadiums, but that is no different from the EPL, and yet, they hardly ever name their stadiums after a company. Companies can still advertise on the front of the stadium, and have their logo on the seats, but the stadiums should represent our cities deep history like they do in Europe. Anfield for Liverpool F.C., Old Trafford for Manchester United F.C. and Wembly stadium are all examples. Many of the fans of MLS still want that superficial NFL look among the MLS teams with their kits and their stadiums, but that just makes our league look fake, and you wonder why we don’t loook appealing to the FIFA president.

    It upsets me that there are not really any passionate people about the true history of football, not american football, in the administrative positions in United States history. It also upsets me that a lot of MLS fans are complaining when we bring foreign players over to our league. That is good for the league people! The top leagues in the world don’t just bring in exclusively their own countries players, the best around the world move to clubs outside their home league most of the time! MLS teams also tend to recruit too late, starting to look at college level kids instead of high school level. Of course this is a bit further along untill we build up better training programs though. We need more passionate true football fans too, like Liverpool fans such as me, who cry when they hear the song You’ll Never Walk alone. I listen to that song every morning and throughout the day, and I reflect on the deep history of Liverpool and shed tears over it as I sing along. I am also a Timbers fan because I see something similar in it’s fan base, but the MLS consists of a lot of cheap made up songs as chants, but we need something more passionate and beautiful. All in all, there are a lot of changes to be made to MLS and United States Soccer, but they are subtile easy changes that take hardly any effort, except for the more passionate fan base, which takes time. Maybe if we’d change our league to reflect a more passionate, traditional, and historical one, which soccer in the U.S. is older than American Football, then maybe our fan base would become more passionate in time. I am really growing into an MLS fan, but first off, I am a Liverpool fan, and cry because I’m not at Anfield singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, and I know what a passionate fan base looks like, and so far, there is a lack of one in the MLS.

    Hopefully one day I can start working in Major League Soccer, and work my way up through to be a manager or something, hopefully in Portland with their fan base, and start making changes to the league and how it is run, formed, and looks. Here I come boring and profit-focused leaders of United States Soccer!!!!!!! I will help lead change after I get settled in Portland after college! You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

  2. Great comments! I like the depth in the argument.

    Even my beloved Columbus Crew is lacking. They average less than 15,000 fans in a 22,000+ seat stadium. They are located in Collumbus, Ohio…one of the largest cities in the US. Their marketing and ability to work for/with fans SUCKS. There’s just not much that US soccer fans can identify with. I think the same is happening in England with the Three Lions. At one time, England got new kits after 9 or so months! How is that possible? It’s a money making scheme…and not a very good one. Now, all those English fans have to wear the “mark of the beast” in the near future when they switch from Umbro to Nike.

    We’ll continue seeing the MLS and US soccer progress. But we need to do the little things to progress even further. Get at least one kit to identify with (USMNT/USWNT). Get a good song or chant other than “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A” that is catchy and clever and fun. The MLS is on its way. I wish they’d identify more with the Bundesliga’s structure than anything else. Investment in and from the cities in which the clubs are located.

    Sorry about your Liverpoolians…I’m a Red Devil myself. 🙂

  3. Yeah I can’t wait to move to Portland, OR after college and join supporters groups and work with the community to take a more traditional approach to football (soccer) and help in the development of better players at the high school level, especially making better American defenders. Maybe if we get more experienced high school coaches too, we can produce better players and have a little more history and tradition to look back.

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