The Lottery

Well, I did it.

I finally took advantage of one of the perks of being over-18.

I purchased my first-ever lottery ticket. Not only did I purchase one…I purchased five! It was either five or 20. I felt better spending five instead of 20.

The MegaMillions are up to $500 million! It was worth it right? I know the odds are stacked in my favor. I know that there is a 60% payout chance. I know there are nine different ways to win the Mega Millions.

I know that it would be nice to not have anymore debt. I know it would be nice to help people with some money. I know it’d be nice to have a house. I know that I probably won’t be winning.

Coach and I sat around talking about what would happen if we won. That’s fun to talk about. Here’s what I would do:

  • Pay off my student loans
  • Hire someone close to me to be my personal accountant
  • Build a house where Kellie and I want to live
  • Give money to my mom and dad, in-laws, and other family members (especially nephews)
  • Give money to some good friends
  • Build a soccer stadium and training field for the team to play in this fall
  • Build a fitness center for my hometown
  • Give money to people that have helped me along the way
  • Go to Ireland and Northern Ireland

I also believe I’d take the money in the yearly payouts. Someone did some math with the $500 million…if you took the one lump some you’d get something like $200 million but if you took the yearly payouts you’d get around $350-400 million (over 26 years). It’s an easy decision for me. I can accomplish what I want in the 26 years by making a nice $18 or so million each year.

I am sure somewhere down the road, I’d probably also invest in a soccer team. It’d be fun to do that. But, I’d leave a lot of the smart financial decisions to my personal accountant. I am sure there are numerous other things that I’d do, but those are the most important — at least off the top of my head they are.

Well…I’ll find out on Friday at 11pm to see if I won or NOT.


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