Social Activism

So, by now, everyone has probably seen OR heard of the latest “hot topic” with social activism.

If not, here is the video:

I want to clarify this post by saying, this is nothing against this movement, or any other social activist movement. Without social activism, there are many things in this world that would not have been brought down: slavery, women’s rights, etc. There is a lot of good in social activism.

I do happen to be a skeptic whenever anything like this comes up. Maybe that’s the bad of me? I just hesitate to get too emotionally caught up in the heinousness that is presented in videos like this. No doubt about it, Joseph Kony needs taken care of. No doubt about it, he needs stopped. But…is the video actual truth?

Before getting wrapped up emotionally in things like this, it is always smart to do some research on the topic. It’s not to hard to find information on ANY topic with this handy internet we have. This Kony video was posted on Monday…at the time of me typing this, the video has earned 43,354,020 views. That’s a tremendous amount of clicks (not all have viewed the video fully).

A mere two days later (Wednesday) this video was posted:

This video, at the time of me typing this, has only garnered 48,788 views. It is not as emotionally gripping as the one put out by Invisible Children. But, it does have important information in it.

Of the most important things in that video, is a website called Charity Navigator. Any charity can be found on there — or so it appears. I, again, don’t want to be “light-hearted.” But I did want to find out about Invisible Children. That can be found here.

While they are doing a great job of fighting for things…each of their three “leaders” make over $84,000. That’s not a bad living for social activists. But, I am all for people making money. But…it’s important to find out HOW much of a donation is actually going to the cause. The second video posted says that only 31 (or so) cents on the dollar donated to Invisible Children is actually going to the cause. That’s not a very good ratio, in my opinion.

EDIT: Other links can be found that show Invisible Children spend 80-some cents on the dollar for their cause in Africa. It is important to update this. This is quality. But, it is still important to do the research on the charities.

Again, it is important to fight for these things. I do not want to take away from any of it. But, to me, there are so many important things to do — domestically and internationally. Find something to support and fight for…but, make sure that organization is using things to actually benefit the cause they are fighting for.

I am a huge fan of John Wesley and he said (summed up in my words, but he essentially said it) it best in regards to money, “Make as much as you can. Save as much as you can. Give as much as you can.”

Help people. Help causes. The world will only get better. Love people. Love causes. The world needs more love.


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