Well, Kellie and I got home last night around 12:30am — so maybe I should’ve said this morning.

As we pull down our street, we smell the God-awful stench of a skunk. So be it. It happens. Heck, it could’ve been blocks away and we still would’ve smelled it.

We walk into the house…and…all of a sudden this wall of stench smacks us in the face. This was the thickest smelling onion stench ever. You had to cut through it with a machete it seemed. We could not figure out what it was in the house. We searched throughout the house…went down in the basement where the furnace is and it was extremely strong smelling there.

I know what the smell of natural gas smells like, but this was different. But the stench was all around the furnace. So, naturally I don’t want to take any precautions. Shut the furnace off, open all the windows (in the middle of the winter), and call the gas company. It made sense. Especially when the gas company’s website said their “thing” in the natural gas to make it smell may give off an aroma that could smell like “garlic” or “onion” amongst other things.

The gas man shows up at 2:00am. It’s not gas. He alludes to it possibly being something dumped in a sewer and coming through the pipes. Definite plausibility.

Looooooooooong night…I don’t get to sleep until 5:30am. I wake up at 10ish and this smell is absolutely putrid. I call the landlord. He comes over. We walk around. We talk. We smell. It is just rank as can be.

I let the house air out all day long. Nothing gets better. I went to the office for a few hours and come back…definite skunk smell. Now, I understand that you may be thinking, “obviously it was skunk all along.” That thought was running through my head, but I just couldn’t understand how a skunk would be smelling up the house so bad.

Well, looking through things, there is a hole in the crawlspace in the basement. There is a groundhog hole at the side of our front porch. So, it turns out something got skunked OR a skunk went down in the hole. Something was sprayed. The skunk definitely did some sort of spraying right around our house.

After $20-40 worth of stuff from the Family Dollar and local grocery store. The house is starting to smell better. The windows are still open. Thankfully the winter isn’t that rough. Right now we have 3 air fresheners, 5 candles, 3 cans of air spray, 3 boxes of baking soda, 4 paper plates of ground coffee, and around 8 plastic cups of vinegar spread throughout the house. I also dumped 3 boxes of baking soda in the crawlspace. Oh, and there is 6 sticks of cinnamon and ground cinnamon on a baking sheet in the oven — gonna have it there for an hour and then open the oven. It has started to smell much better. It may actually be livable now.

Skunks will be dying when I see them. This last day has been absolutely miserable. My nose hairs are singed. The house is freezing. It’s not comfortable living. I am glad that some of these things have helped take the smell away. If this happens to you…definitely use all of those “remedies.” They help. The house may smell like a funeral home…but, it’s better than skunk.

Skunks, I hate you.


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