I spent a few years in Kentucky. It’s fun to give Kentuckians a ribbing now and then. There are some backwards things there, but there are backwards things in every state. So, it’s all in good fun.

This is not in good fun. It’s a stupid Kentucky church making a congregational rule that bans interracial relationships!

I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Bible/Theology: Pre-Seminary. I was destined to work in the “church.” It was that way until 6-8 months after I graduated. Then I became sort of “antiestablishment” or “anti-institution” when dealing with certain matters, especially organized religion.

Pike County, Kentucky church news video

That video is just another something that continues to make me more of an “antiestablishmentarian” with religion.

It is absurd that “Christians” continue to do things like this. They make their own “rules.” They believe they have the power and knowledge to do such things. It’s ridiculous.

Not only do these individual churches do this, they put a bad name to ALL of Christianity. They give anyone who follows Jesus a bad name. They continue to steer nonbelievers away from Jesus because of their idiocy. It drives me bonkers.

Christianity is thriving in the underground, uninstitutionalized Chinese Christian faiths. Yet, in America, we have million/billion dollar megachurches, six-figure salaried pastors, large buildings that get used twice a week, parking lots that get used twice a week, paid staff members that number “work” a 40-hour week in order to be busy on two days, electricity bills, sewage bills, and numerous other things that I just really don’t want to list. Those listed things are bad enough. They only get worse.

In an economic time, people continue to give money to these “churches” to do “good.” There are SOOOOOOOOO many more “good” things that can be done without this organized “church.” Yet, these pastors and laypeople continue to gouge the faithful of their money in order to receive a paycheck for 52 days of work.

“When the Greeks got the gospel, they turned it into a philosophy; when the Romans got it, they turned it into a government; when the Europeans got it, they turned it into a culture; and when the Americans got it, they turned it into a business.” – Richard Halverson


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