Well, I hadn’t realized it’s been so long since I’ve last been here. The season has really been busy. Practice really going good. Started doing a lot of recruiting.

Anywho…about two weeks ago, Kellie talked me into getting HuluPlus. It’s only $7.99 a month, we can watch it on our computers or on my Xbox 360. This thing is rather amazing! Now, Kellie can watch all her favorite shows and we can watch several different movies — the movie selection is not that good, but the documentaries are rather interesting. This deal is WAY better than any stupid cable or dish service. The only downside is there are no live sports through the service. My Xbox 360 can pick up WatchESPN, but our ISP doesn’t support it.

I love how HuluPlus is available, as I have heard many positives about Netflix (at least until they changed their pricing and deals). These cable and dish companies really need to do something different with their structure and pricing. It is absolutely ridiculous how expensive the packages are.

If only something were to come in and compete with the cell phone companies. In my mind, there is no reason why cell phone packages are at least $60 for one phone and when you get a family plan, they immediately jump to over $100. At the same time, most cell phones are now requiring data packages so that adds an extra $10-20 a month. Heck, with the data packages, you can talk on the phone, surf the internet, text, or do pretty much anything else you want…there’s basically no reason for internet service providers to charge at least $30 a month for their services — they’ve almost become obsolete.

With all this cool technology, there are still people struggling with headaches (like myself), a common cold, and other nagging problems. As everyone on earth knows, Steve Jobs passed away this week to pancreatic cancer — a cancer that is basically incurable and fatal. Yet, Steve Jobs has been touted as the most innovative and technologically progressive people of the last 25+ years. Apple has put out a “new” product basically every 4-6 months. Apple has felt a need to charge $300-500 for each product they release. They know exactly what they are doing in terms of marketing — it’s good business, no doubt about it! But, seriously, they screw the consumers and no one cares! The first release of the iPhone (which I did have, just not on the initial release) had it’s quirks. The second generation came out 6 months later and they had a few upgrades. Then they release the third generation that has 3G internet…basically a year after the first one came out! The same goes for their iPads. I don’t even think I need to talk about the 10+ generations of iPods that have been released. It’s terrible! But, it’s good business. So no one really cares. Apple has their consumers, and it’s like a cult. The Apple Cult has bought into the products and will never stray, no matter what.

This goes back to this whole producer/consumer deal. I remember when I was a kid helping dad do things, we always used Craftsmen tools. They were the best! You could use them and use them, if they broke, there was a lifetime warranty! Get it replaced then you get back to using your tools. The older I got, I noticed something about Craftsmen tools, they seemed to break more regularly. It ended up being that you spent more time waiting to get them fixed than you did using them…but at least you had lifetime warranty right?!

This is exactly how technology has come. Products seem like they have a “life expectancy” of 6 months. They are good for 6 months and then something replaces them. Before too long, something will come along and replace HuluPlus. Heck, I just read about the knew Amazon Kindle Fire, it’s supposed to be LOADS better than the iPads — and over half the price! How long before the Kindle Fire is outdated? But more importantly, how long before someone cures a friggin’ headache!

For the first time in a long time, it seems like there have been no new gaming systems in YEARS. For a while, there was a new system every year. It almost seems that the Wii, PS3 and the Xbox 360 have topped the gaming market. They now have downloadable content though. Instead of all these new “add-ons” having their own releases, a gamer can just download them from the individual marketplaces. This has been a huge plus for gamers. It’d be nice to see the prices of games go down though since it’s almost a guarantee that downloadable content will be available within a month or two after the release of the game — making the cost of the game be even higher.

One technological advancement I will never buy into are 3D tvs. There’s no way. It’s not worth it. It’s dumb. And you look ridiculous watching tv with glasses on. They need to go away. There’s no reason for them. But…high definition is amazing! You can definitely tell a difference in the picture quality.

Without technology, and specifically YouTube, I would not be able to watch this:

All this advancing technology is cool and everything. But man, it is expensive and a drain on the bank accounts of a lot of people. It’d almost be better to spend money in better ways…like fixing the economy, philanthropic efforts, creating jobs, or teaching Perks how to swing a golf club — much love though, great guy!


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