The Best Use of Money?

I read regularly. Not because they are awesome journalists. Mainly because it’s really the best place to find “all things sports.”

A new article talks of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Basically Qatar is spending BILLIONS of dollars for the World Cup. Really?! Billions?! That is necessary? That is the best use of money that Qatar can find?

It is supposedly going to cost Qatar $223.-some-odd billion to operate the 2022 World Cup…A-MAZING. Not only are they spending THAT much on the operating costs for the Cup, they are spending $45.-some-odd billion to build a whole city!!!

How many countries are struggling? How many cities are struggling? How many people are suffering?! And we feel it is necessary to spend BILLIONS on a soccer tournament?

I love soccer. I love the World Cup. But this is just out of control!

I thought it was amazing to hear of Pepsi doing the “Refresh Project.” Not doing anything in terms of advertising during the Super Bowl (maybe more events too) and using that money to help communities in need. As much flack as what Bill Gates and Microsoft have gotten with their products…there’s still the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who does tremendous philanthropic work. Meanwhile, we see money hungry organizations, institutions, companies, and now countries doing absolutely nothing to benefit those who are needy (here’s looking at you Apple, oil companies, and Qatar).

Just disheartening.


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