Football v. Futbol

This whole topic gets me going. It probably doesn’t get me going as much as it does many football people.

Here‘s where it began again.

Now, for starters…I am a fan of both. I am a Packer fan through and through. At the same time, soccer is my life. I just get baffled at all those football people who are SO hostile towards soccer and its supporters.

I don’t get it. I really dont.

There is no rhyme or reason. I can think of a few things it could be: jealousy, scared, or intruded on. That’s about it. Thinking about ALL sports, only football people are hostile towards other sports — and it is usually towards soccer. There are no other sports supporters who are so vehemently against any other sports, except football people. Why is this?

Now, don’t get me wrong here, not everyone has to be a supporter of soccer. I am no big fan of several sports: hockey and golf, for instance. But I don’t go around saying how much it sucks and ragging on it endlessly. I know people like those sports, and so be it. I have pretty much given up any support of the NBA and MLB — but I don’t hate basketball or baseball.

So why is it that we hear comments like this about soccer:

  • “why don’t they just build those soccer players a field of their own…” — in regards to sharing a field with football
  • “[The coach] went for a touchdown from the 1 yd line on the last play of the game instead of kicking a field goal to tie. On the radio after he was asked why he didn’t go for the tie and overtime. He replied that the kids worked too hard to go for a tie. Then added “Kicking is for soccer.” Classic!”
  • “As long as that stadium has [the coach] on it, there will be no soccer lines on it……… And rightfully so”
  • “I always said there’s only one thing worse than watching a football game on a field with soccer lines on it. Thats watching a Soccer game on it.”
  • “Two guys were at a soccer game. The one guy said to the other. “Do you want to make this interesting”. The other guy said “yes”, so they left.”
  • “Soccer is a non-revenue generating sport, the money for that stadium was not intended for holding soccer matches.”
  • “Soccer makes me sick!”
  • “Soccer belongs in Europe…Sorry check the TV ratings…”
  • “So please keep your little round ball in [your] County and do what you people do with it…”
It just baffles me. These are the big “macho” football supporters. My biggest guess is that football people feel that soccer is “taking over.” They are afraid that soccer is going to take all the athletes and hurt their sport.
When fundraising for a camp I do, a guy said to me, “Well having soccer hurts the football numbers.” And that just amazes me! Kids cannot choose to play what they want?! And who’s to say that football doesn’t hurt soccer numbers? Let the kids choose to do what they want!
Football people just continue to baffle me over and over again with this stuff. This summer, I caught wind of my hometown having a youth football team. They had youth football registrations for 1st through 6th graders! I couldn’t believe that they are putting 1st graders in full pads! From all the moves the NFL and NCAA has made with concussions — granted, it’s still not enough — people are starting kids in tackling earlier and earlier! Could you imagine putting a 6-7 year old in a helmet and pads? That’s soooooooo dumb!
This football mentality just continues to amaze me. It starts with the coaches/parents. It is rampant throughout the country. The more I am around college football coaches (mainly the head coaches, but some assistants), the more I despise the culture around it. So many talk about “entitlement” in today’s society with youth…that “entitlement” is taken to another level when you talk about college football. It’s ridiculous. No matter how bad the team is, they believe they own and run the institution wherever they play at. It’s all about them.
Why can’t we all just get along? 🙂
World peace. Right?
It’s not going to stop anytime soon though. Soccer is growing. I am happy about that. This was probably more of a venting session. I had to get it off my chest. Be a supporter of your sport. That’s great. But also support those around you. We’re all in sport together. Play on playa!


  1. I am huge fan of both the NFL and futebol. I am a die hard Eagles fan, I am a Flamenguistas and Gunner. My wife is from Braisl, She is a huge NFL fan. She;s an Eagles fan tambem. Good post I love it. I have played futebol since I was in fifth grade. I played in college. check out my three blogs. My own donian is

  2. EAGLES?! YUCK!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the post.

    See, it’s easy to be a fan of both.

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