Wild, Wild West

Well, Kellie and I have just spent our last (possibly) full weekend in South Dakota. I finally got to go out to the Black Hills and fall into all those tourist traps.

We chose to spend it in a GREAT way! We spent the whole weekend with a great family. While there, we got to eat with a couple of DWU players. And we traveled all around the Black Hills. This is where we went:

  • Mt. Rushmore
  • Crazy Horse
  • Hill City
  • Deadwood
  • Hippie Hole — it’s labeled “Hippy Ville” on a rock, but that’s wrong.

We also got to see Wall Drug. It was just a good weekend, all around. Wall Drug was really the only worthless stop we made. Hippie Hole is a nice hicking place. We did not see much of Deadwood, we really just went there to see Wild Bill Hickok’s tombstone…which ended up requiring $1 admission to get into a graveyard! We didn’t end up seeing his tombstone, we chose to honor principle rather than fall victim of another tourist scam.

Hill City is a nice little community. Kellie has some extended family buried in the Hill City Cemetery, so it was a must-stop. Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore are must-sees also, they were pretty amazing.

On our way back to Mitchell, we swung by Pierre to see some more players, friends, and their families.

The trip was definitely one we needed. It was a great time. The Hills are much more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen “east river.” We had great company — GREAT company!

So…we have this week now, it’s hopefully packing up and moving time. As of Saturday May 21, we may no longer be in Central Time any longer.



  1. travellingrome

    I reallly like to discover places of America from the voice and the experience of American people. It sounds very nature and honest

  2. I love traveling!

    My wife and I enjoy going to all sorts of places, we’ll visit the big tourist spots…but we like to go off the beaten path a little bit.

    My favorite part is trying all the different foods they have wherever we travel.

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