The “Great” White Hunters

Well, in celebration of my graduate school graduation on April 30, Dad came out to visit — Mom would have came if she would have been allowed to take a week off work (I guess schoolkids need a nurse?!).

A “perk” of living in South Dakota is being afforded to hunt different game than what we’d typically be afforded in Ohio.

Dad and I traveled to Kennebec, South Dakota (pop. 240, down 46 from the 2000 census). Dad was able to setup a prairie dog hunt for us — it’s amazing at how many hunters in South Dakota that I know do not know of any private prairie dog hunting land. The lady owns/operates 1,500-1,800 acres of land south of Kennebec.

Well, we just finished our first day. We may have shot around 15 prairie dogs. We were also able to get one jackrabbit each. Dad probably had the most impressive shots; he was able to hit a couple of dogs from 300-350 yards away (could potentially be closer to 400 yards). I did have a “2 fer 2” at one point (2 shots, 2 dogs), and I did have 2 dogs get “hang time” (where they get thrown up in the air upon being shot).

This is definitely an experience that a hunter should try, if they can. You’ll be able to throw a lot of lead. You can reach out and touch the dogs. We were the first to hunt the land for the season. We were also a bit early for the season; prairie dogs have their pups around May-June, which is when they really are out and about.

Day one is in the books. Great time with Dad. Cannot wait for tomorrow! Early to rise…so it’s bedtime.


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