Beard Controversy?!

How can anyone have a problem with a beard?

Apparently it happens. Must be by some prepubescent people having problems with some manly man? Not only does it happen to be a problem with a beard, but a problem with a bearded soccer player!

The story can be found How can the police have any say on a beard? Don’t they know a beard is more important? Just ask Peter Griffin how important a beard is.

Apparently, 30 people were detained by Tajikistan police in January for…having…a…BEARD!

The player, Parviz Tursunov, is a devout Muslim. The police are trying to stamp out extremism in religions by arresting those who show signs of “extremism.” Apparently a beard is extreme! Of course it is! There are so many people who can’t grow them…and those that can are MEN!

It’s too bad that Mr. Tursunov is being hassled about his lovely facial hair. He’d even keep it before he’d give up soccer! That’s really showing some devotion to one’s manhood.

I think we all agree with Coach Muminov though, “While he settles this issue with his beard, his absence is having a negative effect on the team’s performance.” Continue getting used to the negative effect…HE’S NOT GETTING RID OF HIS BEARD!!!


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