Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Well, I just got done writing one of my longest papers of my educational career. This paper caused me to be backed up on writing here, but did allow me to talk a little of my paper. It was fun, but I just ran out of thoughts and sources. The paper was on dress codes and uniforms in higher education, while also mentioning primary and secondary education dress codes and uniform policies.

I am 100% for a dress code and/or uniform at all levels of education. As far as I am concerned, there is ZERO negatives to a dress code/uniform. The only argument that people really have against uniforms is not a legitimate argument: it takes away the individuality and freedom of expression/speech. To me, this is a weak argument. In the “real” world, any job one may have will have some form of dress code/uniform.

If I am ever done coaching, or if I am in a educational leadership role while coaching, I will fight for a strict dress code/uniform wherever that may be. I support uniforms at all primary and secondary schools. They level the playing field for all people and people groups. They save money. They help reduce disciplinary problems and violence. Just WAY too many positives to be outweighed by “my son/daughter doesn’t get to express her individuality.”

Since I have been at DWU, I am appalled at what some colleges allow. I guess, I was just spoiled at Asbury. I enjoyed the “professional” atmosphere. The “business” world has it so right. I cannot stand seeing people walk to class in pajama pants and a wife-beater. But, my biases aside, if higher education is to prepare people for the “real world,” then having a dress code/uniform policy would be better for that preparation. Again, there is no downside to having an environment that is not concerned with who is wearing what.

Where do I sign to get a dress code/uniform instituted at ALL levels of education…now?! I’ll do it. Let’s get it done. No more Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis being worn at my school!



  1. Cory

    So I just stumbled upon this Ponchat (clever pal) and I have to admit this entry was pretty amusing to me. I find it extremely entertaining that you of all people with your “fashion sense” (a term I’m using very loosely) would be for a dress code. Because I have a feeling that your skin-tight jeans, pink pants & those things you wear that go past your knee but not to your ankle, wouldn’t be part of an acceptable dress code!! Haha…I don’t disagree with your stance, just surprises me coming from you.

  2. Those jeans aren’t skin-tight by choice…these massive, muscular legs are hard to fit into jeans.

    If DWU had better facilities for staff/faculty, as well as a particular dress policy for staff/faculty, I would have no problems adhering to the policy. They really expect people to change and shower in that lockerroom? Really?!

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