The Almighty Dollar, part 1

As most know, the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) has filed for decertification allowing for players to sue the NFL. I have been baffled on why this “strike” could happen. I know most of it centered around money (hence, “The Almighty Dollar”) but certainly there’s more to it right?

If you want, here’s a link to an article that states what the NFL proposed to the players union (terms are bulleted at the bottom of the article). It is just remarkable to what the NFL has proposed but the players union still shoots it down. So…the players are greedy here.

The NFL is a $9 billion business and on its way to $10 billion. So what do we know about this battle? Apparently, the players are happy with the money they receive (and are not asking for more) but the owners are not happy with the money they receive (and are asking for more). So…the owners are greedy here.

What else is on the table? There’s always the 16-game season or 18-game season debate. The NFL said today that they would not move to an 18-game season unless the players unanimously chose to move that direction. The NFL is also responsible for taking care of old, retired NFL players — just like any other organization that deals with a union right? And what can the NFL do for injury protection. I am sure there are other topics on the table, but these are the major ones.

It all comes back down to “The Almighty Dollar.” Players make hundreds of thousands of dollar contracts clear up to multi-million dollar contracts. They need help. Not making money, but knowing what to do with their money. They make efforts to save? This year they suggested that each player save every other paycheck! Wow. Great efforts. They passed out a “handbook” that tells players ways they can save money if there were a lockout. Awesome. There is no reason why someone making THAT much money should ever, ever, ever, ever have financial problems at ANYTIME in their life. It’s called responsibility.

A lockout cannot happen. That would be detrimental to the NFL. It was for MLB after the lockout in 1994, until steroids saved them. It was for the NHL, they still haven’t completely rebounded. It would’ve wrecked MLS if they would have had the lockout — fortunately they settled things. A funny article from Rick Reilly can show some more “Winners and Losers” if the lockout were to happen.

I don’t like it. Especially with all the economic problems the country is currently in — and will be in until we have “change.” Legendary coach, Mike Ditka, had the best words for this NFL/NFLPA situation, “I think the fans are losers more than anybody.”

Thanks Coach. At least someone is looking out for us “losers.”

Maybe my Green Bay Packers can remain the “Team of the Decade” for yet another year…


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